Training offerings for mySAP ERP


mySAP ERP is the comprehensive enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution from SAP. It has been designed to meet today`s changing demands on ERP. While leveraging existing IT assets, mySAP ERP allows companies to regain active control of their whole administration and operations environment to increase efficiency and profitability. mySAP ERP enables new levels of business process and technology integration while laying the foundation for incremental evolution of the solution.

In the past, ERP systems were wholly designed with an internal business focus; however, an increasing number of companies are beginning to transition their business processes to the Web. Therefore, there is a growing requirement for expandable ERP solutions. mySAP ERP which is powered by SAP NetWeaver, the comprehensive integration and application platform, includes full suite functionality for Analytics, Financials, Human Resources, Operations Management and Corporate Services.

mySAP ERP is a mySAP software solution (similar to mySAP SCM, mySAP CRM, etc.) within the mySAP Business Suite family of business solutions. It is designed as an enterprise resource planning solution for midsize to large companies it focuses on the optimization of internal business processes and  collaboration/integration across the extended enterprise.



Positioning of mySAP ERP within mySAP Business Suite


mySAP ERP is an orderable software package combining the world's most comprehensive enterprise resource planning (ERP) functionality with the market's most scalable technology platform to address the core and extended business software requirements of midsize and large organizations, whatever their industry or global reach. From a solution perspective, mySAP ERP is the successor to SAP R/3.

Functionality-wise mySAP ERP:

•  Includes all the functionality of SAP R/3 Enterprise

•  Plus a large number of additional business processes

•  Integrated and Personalized functionality

Technology-wise mySAP ERP:

•  Is built on SAP NetWeaver

SAP NetWeaver offers a full suite of enabling software technologies including functionality for portal infrastructure, business warehousing, exchange integration, Web application server, mobile technologies and more.


mySAP ERP Training Offerings

The following overview will give you information about the current training courses for mySAP ERP, in line with the official mySAP ERP Solution Map structure.



Solution Map: mySAP ERP


The following course list covers classroom and also some e-learning training products.

For further information about course descriptions, availability dates and regional offerings, please go to our local internet pages or contact your regional SAP training department. All the listed courses are focused on ERP, but they might cover also some of the contents of other SAP solutions (like SRM or SCM).



mySAP ERP Overview

Integral aspects of mySAP ERP are covered in the new course TERP10 It has been designed as a 10 days solution academy with certification at the end. The course focuses on the main integral aspects of the most important business processes in mySAP ERP.


•  Business process training including certification:



Analytics delivers analysis and evaluations relevant for planning and controlling enterprise activities. It supports decision-making with simulations, and enables companies to recognize and use using value-creation opportunities in day-to-day business, increasing the company value.

Analytics is split into the following areas: Strategic Enterprise Management, Financial Analytics, Workforce Analytics, and Operations Analytics. We offer the following training courses in these areas:


Strategic Enterprise Management

SAP Strategic Enterprise Management helps you manage and monitor your company's performance, develop and execute effective strategies, effectively collaborate during preparation of short- and long-term plans, and communicate across the whole company ecosystem. SAP Strategic Enterprise Management supports and enables closed-loop management process covering legal and management consolidation, strategy management, performance measurement, planning, budgeting and forecasting and stakeholder communication. Whole process is tightly integrated with the rest of your business execution systems


•  Overview training:

•  Detailed courses:


Financial Analytics

Financial Analytics lets you analyze and adapt operative processes within the finance department. With Financial Analytics, you can evaluate cost and profitability of your operations, better understand the payment behavior of your customers and provide transparency of the corporate value chain.


•  Detailed courses:


Workforce Analytics

Provides data analysis and reporting tools and capabilities to support informed HR policy and decision-making. The applications enable the company to analyze and optimize the current workforce, to implement and monitor the corporate strategy, and to continuously evaluate how different scenarios will affect business goals.


•  Detailed courses:


Operational Analytics

Various standard analyses and reports monitor purchasing, production, inventory, project, sales and distribution operations and processes.

Detailed courses:

PLM240 (Project Management – Reporting)

PLM316 (Maintenance Processing: Controlling and Reporting Functions)


For further reporting and analysis training courses, see our course offering for SAP Business Intelligence.



Financials helps companies to monitor financial transactions in real time and simplifies processes of outgoing and incoming payments. It also allows transparent reporting, consolidates planning, reporting, and analysis of competitive measures in a closed process, and provides tools for measuring and optimizing the performance of important tasks.

Financials covers the areas of Financial Accounting, Management Accounting, Financial Supply Chain Management, and Corporate Governance. The SAPFIN (mySAP Financials Solution Overview) training course provides a general starting point for this area.


Financial Accounting

With mySAP ERP Financial Accounting, you can be sure that you are equipped to address today's and tomorrow's complex and evolving accounting and financial reporting regulations. SAP's financial accounting enables companies to provide quickly and efficiently financial information in multiple layouts for different purposes.


•  Overview training:


•  Detailed courses:


Management Accounting

helps companies optimally monitor and control all performance relevant information in an environment that is completely integrated with all operative transactions throughout the company. Managerial accounting helps a company take control of its profitability.


•  Overview training:


•  Detailed courses:


Financial Supply Chain Management

Enables financial collaboration within the enterprise and its business networks using defined corporate policies and shared services to handle all customer- and supply chain-related financial processes; helps automate the financial supply chain using the Web and other new electronic service models.


•  Overview training:


•  Detailed courses:


Corporate Governance

offers the functions to assist the customers who are faced with the challenge of ensuring accurate and timely financial statements, creating a sound internal control environment, and mitigating and monitoring risks in their organization.


•  Overview training:


•  Detailed courses:



This subject area includes Employee Lifecycle Management, which covers everything from employee appointment and personnel development, right to the personnel cost planning of the employee's “life cycle” in the company. Employee Transaction Management also covers the basic functions of human resources management. HCM Service Delivery, meanwhile, encompasses the portal-supported Employee Self-Service and Manager Self-Service components.

The SAPHR (mySAP Human Resources Solution Overview) training course provides a general starting point for this area.


Employee Lifecycle Management

Provides automation and optimization of the following phases of the employee life cycle-attract/hire, deploy, influence, develop, and retain-resulting in increased human capital efficiency through better hiring practices, more efficient deployment, focused employee development and increased employee retention and loyalty.

•  Overview training:


•  Detailed courses:


Employee Transaction Management

Streamlines a comprehensive range of human capital management (HCM) services and processes necessary to run the human resources environment efficiently. This includes a global system meeting the needs of local regulatory compliance requirements as well as international best practices.

•  Overview training:


•  Detailed courses:


HCM Service Delivery


Content and application services offer a multitude of ready-to-use individual self-services, giving managers and employees control over multiple administrative tasks. With life-and-work events capabilities, individual transactions are seamlessly combined with expert content and knowledge so that the employee and manager experience is efficient and enjoyable.


•  Overview training:


•  Detailed courses:




Operations covers the logistical enterprise core processes and strengthens logistical capabilities in procurement, inventory and warehouse management,, manufacturing, transportation, sales order management and customer service. This area provides the foundation for the cross-company enhancement of business processes for collaboration with vendors, customers, and other partners. Operations is split into the subareas of Procurement, Inventory and Warehouse Management, Manufacturing, Distribution, Sales Order Management and Customer Service.

The SAPSCM (mySAP Supply Chain Management Solution Overview) training course serves as a general starting point for Operations: Value Generation. It provides an insight beyond Operations into our mySAP SCM solution. We currently offer training courses in the following subject areas:



enables the efficient handling and execution of purchase orders integrated within the entire logistics process.

•  Overview training:


•  Detailed courses:


Inventory and Warehouse Management

SAP Inventory Management provides an exact overview on the inventories at the different sites of a company. Thus it enables safety stock planning, demand planning and optimization of distribution as well as availability checks answering to customer requests. There are strong links between SAP Inventory Management and the financial modules (e.g. Material Valuation, Balance Sheet Accounting).


•  Overview training:

•  Detailed courses:



mySAP ERP manufacturing provides the ability to manage the entire range of manufacturing activities as an integral part of the Supply network. From planning to Execution and analysis mySAP ERP enables centralized or decentralized execution where high availability is critical and connection to the automation layer is needed to support automated processes.


•  Overview training:


•  Detailed courses in planning:


•  Detailed courses in production:


•  Detailed training for Customizing and other areas:



Transportation Management provides different options for consolidating deliveries into shipments. It is possible to combine deliveries based on rules and strategies or interactively and manually. If you decide to rely on your carrier's abilities to consolidate your deliveries into shipments, you can give it access to your deliveries through the Internet, where it can consolidate your shipments.


•  Detailed courses:


Sales Order Management

Sales order management provides companies with the ability to configure products, determine pricing, check product availability, create custom quotes and contracts, acquire and enter orders, monitor customer credit data, and track and manage the billing cycle. With immediate access to critical customer information, organizations can easily manage and monitor the complete sales order process – from the moment the order is taken to receipt of payment.


•  Overview training:


•  Detailed courses:


Customer Service

Customer Service enables customer service centers to manage and fulfill commitments to both partners and customers with efficient service planning and execution. The Customer Service solution manages the entire service process from creating and updating service requests and complaints to the scheduling of qualified field personnel for onsite repairs.


•  Overview training:


•  Detailed courses:



Operations support covers the logistical support processes that strengthens logistical capabilities in Product Lifecycle Management. This area provides the foundation for the cross-company enhancement of business processes for the control and management of data that arises during the Life-cycle of a product. Operations Support is split into the subareas of Life-Cycle Data Management, Program and Project Management, Quality Management, and Enterprise Asset Management.

The SAPPLM (mySAP PLM Solution Overview) training course serves as a general starting point for Operations Support. It provides insight beyond Operations Support into our mySAP PLM solution. We currently offer training courses in the following subject areas:


Life-Cycle Data Management

This global view of your product is the key to ensuring quality in all phases of the product's life cycle. The collaborative working environment of Life-Cycle Data Management provides all the key capabilities that you need in all phases of a product's life cycle. The volume and range of information that represents your product varies from phase to phase: documents and specifications in the design phase; material numbers, BOMs, and routings in the planning and production phases - all of which are fed with resource data - and finally equipment data for organizing service and maintenance work. Manage this wide range of data with Life-Cycle Data Management - the backbone of all your logistical processes.


•  Overview training:


•  Detailed courses in master data:


Program and Project Management

Using the SAP Project System, you can efficiently manage project structures, dates, costs, and resources. The project controlling functions allow you to consolidate controlling data on an enterprise-wide basis throughout your entire project life cycle, supporting both progress and profitability analysis.


•  Overview training:


•  Detailed courses:


Quality Management

Quality Management assures quality by means of quality inspections, but focuses also on prevention, continuous process improvement through collaboration, and sustained quality control. Using Quality Management, you can control unplanned events, ensure quality throughout the entire supply chain and the life cycle of products and assets, and hence reduce costs and meet legal requirements and industry standards.


•  Overview training:


•  Detailed courses:


Enterprise Asset Management

SAP's enterprise asset management solution improves profitability of technical assets throughout all phases of the asset life cycle. During plant operation, a complete and reliable maintenance solution leads to higher system availability, reduced breakdown costs by means of preventive inspections and maintenance. Maintenance management enables more transparent and simplified processes. The relationship between business data and technical information supports management in making decisions about repair, refurbishment and scrapping of technical assets. Enterprise asset management is a complete solution for achieving optimal condition of assets with the least amount of costs and the best possible asset performance for those operating a plant.


•  Overview training:


•  Detailed courses:



Corporate Services covers Travel Management, Environment, Health and Safety, Incentives and Commissions, and Corporate Real Estate.

We offer the following training courses in these subject areas:


Travel Management

SAP Travel Management provides a fully integrated end-to-end trip life cycle management solution to improve processes in pre-trip approval, online booking, expense reporting and data warehousing. This process optimization results in cost reduction of indirect travel costs, lower travel agency transaction fees and enhanced supplier negotiations.


•  Detailed courses:


Environment, Health and Safety

The SAP EH&S capabilities are used by diverse companies in many industries to help environment, health, and safety project managers and employees manage the many faces of safety – from handling hazardous materials and disposing of waste to assuring the health and safety of employees, the community, and the environment. These capabilities help companies to identify and minimize risks, improve their ability to comply with safety laws and regulations, and reduce time-to-market.


•  Overview training:

•  Detailed courses:


Corporate Real Estate Management

Real Estate is typically the second largest use of corporate capital and cash flow, and the second largest expense on balance sheet. SAP Real Estate Management enables the maximization of value for this very significant corporate investment through a complete solution to support every stage of real estate management. It provides a full spectrum of management functions, supplying you with a robust and flexible solution for managing your corporate and investment portfolio.


•  Detailed courses:


SAP NetWeaver



mySAP ERP is based on SAP NetWeaver


Technology-wise mySAP ERP is built on SAP NetWeaver. SAP NetWeaver provides a unified technical architecture and solution platform that integrates users, information, processes, and applications. SAP helps organizations to protect current IT investments by providing solutions that are interoperable with third-party technologies, such as J2EE and Microsoft.NET. Since mySAP ERP is based on SAP NetWeaver, it is designed to be fully interoperable with all major Web service and enables organizations to conduct all ERP business processes both within and outside of the organization.

SAP Enterprise Portal, mySAP Business Intelligence, and SAP Exchange Infrastructure already solve specific integration problems, largely on the basis of the SAP Web Application Server. SAP NetWeaver embraces these and other components and provides a strategic integration and application platform for your entire company. In the future, all SAP solutions will be designed on the basis of SAP NetWeaver, integrating people, information, and business processes. With complete .NET and J2EE interoperability and Enterprise Services Architecture alignment, it increases the flexibility and enhancement options of business process with a lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

The following list will give you an introduction and guide to the training courses we offer for SAP NetWeaver: SAPNW ( SAP NetWeaver Overview ) The content of this course is based on a practical example for an integrated business process.


  • For profound education in People Integration please refer to our curricula related to SAP Enterprise Portal (including Knowledge Management and Collaboration).
  • For profound education in Information Integration please refer to our curricula related to SAP Business Information Warehouse, SAP Master Data Management and SAP Knowledge Warehouse.
  • For profound education in Process Integration please refer to our curricula related to Business Integration Technology (including SAP Exchange Infrastructure, Connectivity and Workflow) and SAP Web Application Server.
  • For profound education in the Application Platform please refer to our curricula related to SAP Web Application Server (including Business Development with J2EE and ABAP Objects, System Administration).